JFNT Presenter Series: Dr. Audrey Murph-Brown



I am a veteran school social worker having worked in urban education for 24-years.  Currently, I provide services to academic at-risk students in a K-5 setting and have worked at the middle and high school level. As a clinician, I have worked with traumatized and adjudicated youth each population sharing similar disruptive school behaviors. I have worked with substance abusers, adult survivors both male and female of child sexual abuse, schizophrenics, and parents of abused children. As a college instructor providing human service, child development, and cross cultural studies for adult, I am experienced with the adult learning model creating an interactive academic community.  I have an extensive background in community engagement and family services and bring this skill-set to my role as a school counselor improving the livelihoods of students, families, and communities.

Brief employment background:

–  School Social Worker, Springfield Public Schools 1992-present

–  Adjunct Professor, Cambridge College & Springfield College, respectively 1990-present

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- N. Mandela


Impressed by Dr. Murph-Brown’s experience? Don’t miss her workshop “Difficult Students: Stay Calm and Know What to Do” at the Just for New Teacher’s Conference!


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