JFNT Presenter Series: Liz Bettencourt


Find Ways to Reach ALL Your Students!

Hi there, new teachers! Shameless plug alert: I’d love you to attend my workshop at the Just For New Teachers conference on 11/19…..

When you think about differentiating instruction, do you get overwhelmed? Feel like it’s way too challenging? Not even know where to start?!

Well, I’m here to provide you with some really practical, easy-to-manage tools and strategies for differentiating your instruction. We’ll get into how important it is to truly reach all of your students where they’re at, and we’ll explore some specific ways to do so that won’t have you (or your students) tearing your hair out. We’ll delve into providing choice for students based on their interests and learning styles; and we’ll also think about how to assess where students are in terms of skill and content readiness – AND how to use those assessments to inform some differentiated instruction. I promise – we’ll work on some great stuff that you can take right into your classroom with you the very next week to try out!

So, join me! I’m Liz Bettencourt and my workshop is during Session 2 in the afternoon, from 1:25 – 3:25 p.m. and is called Reaching All Students: The Differentiated Classroom. I’ll see you then!


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